30+ years of experience building productivity systems.

Carole Macdonald

Founder & President

The person behind the inbox.

Carole Macdonald
About inboxzero

It’s impossible to give you more time to do your work but inboxzero can give you more room to do your work.

Inboxzero was founded by Carole Macdonald to help people master their work loads, business & personal responsibilities and commitments with practical approaches and easy-to-use productivity systems.

With over 30 years of experience working with C-Suite executives, Carole has opened her doors to focus on communications, task, and time productivity systems. She is the driving force behind inboxzero and works with each client personally. Cherry-picking the best productivity processes, tools and apps (high tech or low) she develops, builds, and coaches you through the systems that have been designed specifically for you.

Don’t waste any more of your valuable time fiddling with apps and tools, let inboxzero do the work for you.


Inboxzero will start you on your way and will continue the journey with you. Your new system is a living and breathing entity and inboxzero will take care of it as you enjoy the benefits of your new system without having to do any of the grunt work.

You’re here. You’ve taken the first step. Take the second step and contact inboxzero for a consultation.

About inboxzero
About inboxzero
Do more with less effort. 
Carole's coaching and
custom-built systems will guide you towards a more productive, less stressful life at work and at home.


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