Do You Really Need To Read That?

I am as guilty as the next person of subscribing to everything that catches my eye. Better to have the information coming in and not being read than not coming in at all is my theory it would seem. Unfortunately, I rarely reap the benefits of all this information. Instead I feel resentment and inadequate every time I see all the information just sitting there, unread.

My challenge to you is to remove these emails from your Inbox for two weeks. Set up a To Read folder and move all newsletters, magazines, blog posts, etc. to this folder as they appear in your inbox. Check this folder regularly, read what you can. At the end of two weeks, see what you’ve read. Be brutally honest. Now delete the overflow. If you haven’t read it in two weeks, it’s old news anyways!

Do this challenge a second time, only this time at the end of the two-week period, unsubscribe to what’s left in the folder. If it’s that important a colleague will send you a copy. Trust me. Someone will send you a copy.


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