The 15 Minute Challenge.

Holiday weekends usually bring me my best shortcuts.

I had so much to do this past Labour Day weekend that I knew that a full weekly review was out of the question unless I did it at Sunday brunch with my friends. A slight exaggeration, but only slightly.

The lesser of two evils was to do a mini weekly review. I chose my battle, my calendar. I found 15 minutes early Saturday morning to review my calendar for the week. I scanned the meetings, made notes on what I might prepare in advance … and made other small reminders to myself. It might not seem like much, but that 15 minutes prepared me for my first morning back at the office and for the week, actually. I had a better weekend focusing on friends and family and woke up calm and confident on Tuesday morning, ready to face the day and the week.

If just the thought of a full hour (or more) for a weekly review overwhelms you, try four weekends of 15 minute weekly reviews. After four weeks increase your weekly review to 20 minutes. And so on …

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