Your In Basket / Clutter Filter

Your in basket will be your work clutter filter, your life saver! It will be where you put all your notes, receipts, hard copies of magazines or articles to read, docs to sign, etc … Everything and anything that needs your attention is to be put into the in basket. I suggest it be somewhere you can access easily, without having to search it out so you can clean out your pockets and your bag as soon as you arrive, either at work, at home or both. My in basket is a bright red file that stands upright in a file sorter on my desk. I never have to look for it, I don’t have to move anything out of the way in order to use it, it is within arms’ reach and EVERYTHING goes in there. Just there.

You can clear your clutter filter out as often as you want during the week but I suggest your goal be to review these items at least once a week. A good practice is to make it part of your weekly review.

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