Paper vs Tech?

The only right answer to this question is to use what works best for you. It's as simple as that.

I met with an old friend this past weekend who had lost control of his work. He was reticent to talk about it but once he started unloading his frustrations I realized that he his biggest challenge was that he felt the pressured to use technology to keep himself organized. He really just wanted to work with his old Filofax again but he was a bit embarrassed. He remembered how organized he was when he had his paper agenda and how he felt so connected to his work, his office, his clients, and his personal tasks. He felt 100% in control. I then pulled out my paper agenda that I keep with me at all times. Sure, I have my smartphone and my laptop(s) but I use these tools in addition to my paper agenda. I am a huge proponent of using tech and going paperless where you can, at a level you are comfortable with, but there is nothing wrong with working both systems. I do it with great success as does David Allen, the master of 'Getting Things Done' and many other high-tech executives who had gone back to paper-based planners and work both systems simultaneously. Paper and tech tools can compliment each other beautifully.

Don't go against the grain and force yourself to use a tool that doesn't feel right. Use the tools that you gravitate to, the ones that you are most comfortable with.

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