Need I say more ....

Nike built a whole marketing campaign around this. Remember 'Just Do It'?

I can't stress enough how getting the small things done immediately benefits you and your system. Start small with this easy approach to incoming mail.

Managing our email from multiple devices, usually on-the-go, leaves us with an inbox filled with read messages; some answered, some not, some garbage and some important. Reading the same messages over and over again doesn't do anyone any good and is a habit that is worth changing.

  • If a message can be deleted, then 'just do it'. Use the delete button and get rid of the message immediately.

  • If the message requires you to take an action later; if nothing more, tag the email as 'unread' or flag it so you know you need to look at it (again).

  • If you took action immediately and the message can be filed, 'just do it'. File it.

Shortcuts are available on all devices. They might not be exactly the same on all devices but you can change them to do what you want, or need them to do, either by yourself or you can find someone to make the changes for you. It's a worthwhile investment to have your email account set up for you; to have it do what you want and need it to do. It will save you time and money in the long run.

Use the tools that you have to your advantage.


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