Molehills or Mountain?

Some weeks we are are more successful working with our systems than others. There are some weekends when Sunday night rolls around and our Weekly Review's not done and we are just too exhausted to even open our computers. So Monday morning arrives and we haven't prepared ourselves as well as we would have liked for the week but hey, stuff happens.

But we get through the week; the office didn't go up in flames, Wall Street didn't collapse and so maybe we let another week go by without a Weekly Review ... Soon enough though, we find yourself with a pile of work to be done, emails to be answered & filed, and meetings to be scheduled and we are discouraged. Big time.

There is nothing I hate more than a mountain of work sitting in front of me, seemingly taunting me. My solution is to get back to basics ... start back with your Weekly Review. Set the timer at 25 minutes: do a quick calendar review, sort your expense receipts and sort through your other other correspondance ... you know the drill. Tackle one 'in-basket' at a time and reduce that huge mountain of work into smaller piles, or molehills; then work through the molehills.

Yep, you are going to make molehills out of your mountain.

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