Something had to give ...

The time I was devoting to starting my own business was eating into my personal obligations, so much so that I felt I was letting my personal commitments fall by the wayside. My work Weekly Review was holding my job responsibilities in check but I wasn't meeting my personal obligations. My solution to this problem was to do a more informal weekly review to bring this back in check.

My first step was to commit to writing out a to-do list every Friday night and following through on it through the week. The items on this list came from my personal emails, my in-basket, my mail, my memory. I was brain dumping all my personal to-do's into this list.

This list is so informal it is handwritten on a blank sheet of paper. It's hanging in my home office where I see it every day ... As I complete each task I draw a line through that item. I feel great doing this, I see my progress and feel in control. I am accomplishing more, so much so that I am adding items to the list before the week is up. Seriously. Not every week is an unbridled success (100% completion rate) but more often that not, it is.

The result: my bills are back to being paid on time, my friends are being called before they unfriend me, my eaves are cleaned and my patio furniture has been stored before the first snow fall ...

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