The 45 Minute Challenge

It's been over two months since I first engaged with you to start a Weekly Review. We started small at 15 minutes, a month later I counselled you to increase it to 25 minutes. I wrote to you a few weeks ago about how I had also started a second more informal, personal weekly review to tighten up loose ends at home and in my personal life. So now, my Weekly Review has increased to 45-60 minutes, with little or no fan-fare. I don't even notice the extra time spent at my desk; mind you, the great coffee and toast with peanut butter and jam doesn't hurt.

I cannot stress enough how this small practice has been a lifesaver for me. As an Senior Executive Assistant to C-level executives, it is normal for me to juggle many projects at at time as well as manage and drive multiple agendas, inboxes, travel

arrangements, etc. To take 45 minutes or an hour from my weekend to plan for the week ahead has saved me more time and more stress than any other tool in my arsenal. I have more control of my work than ever before. I present answers and solutions to problems with confidence and assuredness. People trust my judgement, and look to me for answers, knowing I have a clear overview of upcoming deadlines, projects, etc ...

Before your week starts, sit down, gather your notes, your thoughts, your tools and get a solid overview of your upcoming week, put things in order, review notes for upcoming meetings, take the next step forward on the project that hasn't had your full attention ... I guarantee that you will see an enormous ROI, time-wise and health-wise.

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