Communications Overload

Is it reasonable to expect ourselves and our colleagues to manage the current level of emails, texts, calls, Skype, Slack chats and the like without training, guidance or help? No, its not. Business relationships (client, supplier and employee) are too important to be left to flounder unchecked.

If your company is not responding to clients, suppliers and co-workers in a timely fashion you will lose business and employees. People will leave you if they feel they are not important to you, they will go elsewhere. We know this to be true because we have taken our business elsewhere for those exact reasons.

With the explosion of communication in our lives (business and personal) it is almost impossible to manage this overflow effectively, without some help. There are options out there; you can offer training to your workforce, pay for solid third-party apps to help your employees manage, or hire people to handle the overflow. It is far too important to let slide.

Your loyal clients are yours to lose. One or two unanswered calls or emails might be forgiven, but not much more than that.

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