Resolutions, Intentions, Goals.

It's 10:00 am on January 1, 2017 and I've sat down to think about the year ahead, what it means to me and what I want to accomplish.

Why do I wait until January 1 to put my New Year's resolutions to paper? For me the first day of every year spells out a new beginning. I wake up on this day, renewed, optimistic and feeling like the new year is mine for the taking; all my baggage and bad habits are back in 2016 ... Gone. Bye bye.

I make only three New Year's resolutions. I make sure to write them down. I like to keep them close at hand. I don't hide them. I need to be reminded of my goals. I want to be reminded.

How did I do in 2016? Not bad at all. One resolution has been checked off as done, one was partially completed and one had very little movement. I'm happy with my progress because I got further with each of these goals than I ever would have if I had just left them in my mind with the rest of the clutter.

I won't bore you with what my goals for 2017 are ... mine aren't important. Yours are. Write them down!

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