Don't be disappointed if you're not set up for 2017 just yet. If you need more time to research a tool, to clean up 2016, or to do the actual work to implement the tool, take the time to do the work but don't let time run away from you either. Sometimes the best approach is to just do it! Implement the tool you've been looking at ... take a test drive.

My advice to you would be that if you are going to take a bit more time to set yourself up, be sure to keep your current system up-to-date through the process. You must not let your core system go unattended. If you do, the end result will be a packet of upset clients, employees, suppliers and the like; as well as a pile of work to trudge through when you do get 2017 up and running.

If you don't have someone to do the clean-up or implementation for you (an assistant or an email & calendar management consultant), I suggest that you manage it much like you would a project: give yourself a deadline, set your goal & break it down into smaller tasks, monitor your progress closely and check off your accomplishments as you move forward.

My challenge to you is to have your systems chosen and put in place by January 20, 2017. Rip off that band aid and implement!

Next week - Calendar tactics. Lucky for me the first tip I looked at is serving me very well, so much so that I'll keep using it. Keep an eye out for next week's blog post for my comments and recommendation.

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