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My goal in recent years had always been to use my calendar for appointments and meetings only. I now realize just how narrow a focus that was. Mike Vardy of The Productivityist has shown me the value of applying themes to my calendars and now my calendar is a more comprehensive tool in my kit.

In a nutshell, themes are reminders of where your focus should be at any given time. I started small (as I like to do) and applied a theme to each work day of the week. I chose 5 things that I needed to focus on each week and assigned each of them to a day. For me, my focuses were: Administration, Reading/Watching/Learning, Blogging, Social Media and Accounting.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this exercise, it seemed too easy. I really like easy but I need solid results, real benefits. I wasn't disappointed. I saw the value immediately. While I was scheduling my tasks I didn't have to think twice about their due dates, the accounting tasks was delegated to the day where my focus was going to be on accounting, etc. I whipped through my to-do/next action list. Booking meetings suddenly became clearer as did sorting out when to work on certain projects for clients and suppliers. I woke up each day not wondering what I was going to do that day but knowing exactly what my focus was for that day. Expectations were being managed and met, with little effort.

Seeing the value that the daily themes brought me, I took the next step, grabbed my business plan for 2017 and put in monthly themes and then quarterly themes based on my goals. My focuses are right in front of me now and planning for them is easier than ever. Don't forget to theme your year in tandem with your annual review ... Keep your goals front and center.

The end result of this trial-run is that themes are staying in my calendar.

Next Week: SaneBox. Hint, I'm on a roll. It's is a keeper too!

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