Collect. Collect. Collect.

Task Management. It's easier than you think.

Rule number one: You must collect every last bit of information you need to remember; every action, task, errand, thought, no matter how small. Leave nothing undocumented.

For those who know me or follow my blog on my website, I am a firm believer in keeping things simple and working with what feels most natural to you, particularly when building a new system or habit. My advice is always to start small. When building y0ur new habit, use tools that you naturally gravitate to. With task management, once you find yourself collecting your information or data regularly, you will see where you can make improvements to your system by adopting a new tool or by just tweaking your routine/habit a bit.

What came naturally to me, in the beginning, was working with paper and pen. My notebook and post-its system worked beautifully for me while I was building my habit. Once my work flow established itself, I was ready to improve on it ... and I did so by adding tech to my task management processing.

Todoist was where I hung my hat. I have used it for years. It is my master task management tool of choice. All notes are put into this master list at some point during the day or the week. I only have to look in one place to find all my loose ends and see when they are due.

Todoist checks all the boxes for me for a task management tool. Easy to install, easy to use, works beautifully across over 10 platforms, does not have too many bobbles and shiny bits to distract you. It has a clean design and does exactly what it set out to do, manage your to do list(s). You can use as many or as few of the features you want to help organize your tasks. Best of all their Basic Plan is free and their Premium or Business Plans are extremely reasonable.

Clean and simple is where I lean every time. For me keeping Todoist in my toolkit was a no-brainer. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

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