My Toolkit

Here is a update on my new system after a month of using my new tools.

Electronic Calendars - Still here though I'm looking for cleaner and leaner!

I use Outlook (PC) for work and Google Calendar (Mac) for my personal stuff. It's not ideal but I'm able to merge both on my iPhone using the iOS Calendar app and it works well. I'll keep you posted when I find a better solution.

Paper Agenda - Gone!

Big change for me. For the first time in years I am 100% electronic, calendar-wise. I'll explain why. After working with my electronic calendar to manage my daily, weekly and monthly themes and then adding in regular non-negotiable blocks for projects and personal time, I realized that if I disciplined myself I could work with this one tool and eliminate doing the same work twice. It was a challenge to change my habits but the ROI for me was well worth it which, I believe, made the change over much easier than I had expected.

SaneBox - Still here!

I have SaneBox managing both my personal email and my work email accounts. If you are having a hard time understanding where your communications overload is coming from, this is the app for you. It is the quickest and least painful way to organize your email and to learn some hard truths about your inbox.

Todoist - Still here!

Works like a charm. Simple and lean app that keeps my anxiety level low as it reminds me of my tasks. Its perfect for easy and fast collecting of tasks and next actions on the go as well. It sits in my iPhone menu bar for easy access.

Notes App - Still here!

If I am on the run and I need to take a note, invariably my iPhone is closer than a pad of paper and pen. iPhone menu bar for this app too.

Evernote - Still here!

Last month I dug deeper into the bells and whistles of Evernote, set up a solid system and I rely on it heavily now. It is my safety deposit box. When I am at working at my desk, I take notes directly in Evernote. A large amount of my reference materials go into the information files I build and create in Evernote. The added bonus is the unmatched search capabilities that Evernote is known for.

Dropbox - Still here!

Nothing beats having a filing system that you can access from anywhere. All my work goes into Dropbox where I can keep everything safe. SaneBox offers a feature that automatically scans emails in your inbox for attachments, puts them in Dropbox, and replaces them with a link. Genius!

Pen and Pad - Alive and kicking!

I will always have a pad of paper at my desk for taking quick notes, brainstorming and taking notes during meetings.

I'd love to hear of your suggestions for calendar apps I should look at, cross-platform and mobile friendly. I don't ask for much, do I? :)

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