Email Rules Save Time.

Automate your inbox.

Let me introduce (or re-introduce) you to 'rules'. This little processing gem is available for FREE in your email account and it is a great time-saver. Embrace this tool and reap the rewards. Quickly.

If you leave newsletters in your inbox because you don't have time to read them when they come in but you don't want to delete them, set up a rule in your email account that will either automatically move them to the folder of your choice, send them to another email address, or send them to your Evernote account, whichever solution suits you best.

If you are cc'd on a lot of emails, use rules to take these emails and put them directly in a folder titled 'cc' or whatever name you would like. This rule will, again, significantly lighten the load of your inbox and it allows you to find all cc'd communications sent to you in one spot where you can easily read them, one after another. An added bonus is that it's only one rule to create. Small effort for major ROI.

So now ... Newsletters are no longer cluttering your inbox, neither are emails addressed to you in cc and your inbox is leaner and more focused.

To start applying these rules, take 5-10 minutes a day and create the necessary rules and before you know it, you'll be finished. Start with the cc rule, you'll see a huge difference with just this one rule.

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