As We Grow and Change

So should our systems.

People get discouraged when they see that their new workflow system isn't working as well as it used to. You haven't done anything wrong, it's not broken; you've grown and now your system has to be changed or improved upon to catch up to the new you. This is a very a positive position to find yourself in. It means that you see the value of your system and want it to work with you. You are in control of your workflow, it is no longer controlling you.

Ssssooooo ... the backlog has been cleared out and you've been working in a cleaner, less cluttered world. Your new system has helped you become more engaged, efficient, confident and productive. You are in the zone. You see where improvements can be made to take your workflow to the next level. Let's get moving!

This is easy. Approach it as I do, as a small project.

  • Each improvement is a task in that project. Each idea is documented in the project as a task. I do this in Todoist.

  • Plan to implement no more than one improvement per week. Give your system and yourself at least few days to see the impact this change has on your current workflow and your productivity. There will be changes that require more evaluation time and some that can be shut down within hours or days. This isn't a race, but don't keep a mistake around too long. Get rid and move on quickly.

  • Sit down with your assistant, a colleague or your productivity coach and ask for their help or input ... Comments and suggestions from an outside party are always good and help with the grunt work is even better.

This is nothing to be discouraged about, it's something to be proud of. You're making incredible progress.

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