Context & Next Action List

When you're looking over your next action list trying to decide what to do next, what is the first determining criteria that comes to mind? What question do you ask yourself before you choose your next task?

  • What is the deadline date?

  • How much time the task will take to complete?

  • How easy or hard is the task?

  • What tool (phone, laptop, desktop) do you need to in order to complete the task?

There is no right answer to this question but the answer is important. It will help you find the system and tool that will work best with you.

I work based most comfortably with deadlines so my task management system is built to work with that parameter. If you are someone whose brain thinks in terms of how much time it will take to do the task, your system should be developed and built with that framework in mind.

The important thing to remember when deciding on the best productivity system for you to use is to be sure that it is one that works with you, that follows your brain patterns with little or no difficulty (on your part). The less struggle the better.

A good interior designer can make your space beautiful but a great interior designer will make it beautiful and make it distinctly yours. The same can be said for productivity specialists. A good productivity specialist will sell you a system with little or no groundwork but a great one will work with you to find the tools and processes that works best for you. Your first meeting might take two or three hours but remember that you are building a solid foundation and these first steps are important for building a strong system.

Work better with less effort. Pick your tools with care, that includes the human ones.

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