Your Focus is Where?

Are you prioritizing what's important? You say you're focused on your top priorities but are you really? A sure way to find out where someone's focus is, is to look at their calendar and see what they are spending their time doing. If we checked your calendar what would we find?

Take this short challenge to see where your focus is. For the next week put every single commitment you have in your calendar, both work & personal. For example:

Meetings, deep-work blocks, meals with co-workers, clients, friends and family, gym time, doctors' appointments, reading time, time with kids, time spent walking the dog, cleaning the house, preparing meals, running errands, please don't forget travel time (to the office and back, to external meetings, to kids' soccer games), etc.

At the end of the week, take 20 minutes to do a quick evaluation of your week. How many overlaps are there, what did you sacrifice to make something work?

  • Did you nix your gym workout in favour of drinks with a coworker or to work late on a project?

  • If you had to work late on a project, what happened to your deep-work time, was it high-jacked by a unplanned team brainstorming session?

Based on the choices you made through the week your priorities will jump out at you as you study your calendar. You spend time on things that are important to you and that is where your focus lies.

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