Just scanning your emails & chats? :(

Thank you again David Allen #GTD.

For the next two weeks make a pact with yourself to immediately deal with any emails, and chats that require a quick 2-minute turn around. Scanning your emails and chats without taking care of what you can immediately will mean that at the end of the day you end up with a long list of correspondence that you've already read but did not handle; many which could have been taken care of with a quick answer. If, by chance, you have a system in place (labeling or filing in folders) and are diligent using your system, don't add ANOTHER item to that label or folder: do yourself a favor and answer the correspondence immediately, even if it is only to set that person's expectations.

People are waiting for answers to their questions or approval to move forward on an assigned task or project. If you don't answer them, you are now the roadblock to that person and what they are working on. It doesn't take long to get that reputation.

PS: no one wants to have a roadblock on their team.

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